Professional Development Courses
through Fresno Pacific University

Gamification in the Classroom (3 units) $460
K-12 Teachers are BUSY people, but they don’t want BUSYWORK! You want information that you can use tomorrow in the classroom and you want time to develop ideas that you will actually use with their students.

All courses are available for registration year-round.
Work at your own pace. You have between 3 weeks and one year to complete each course. No application necessary. Official transcript from Fresno Pacific University available upon request. Each course includes timely feedback on assignments from the instructor.

For detailed information and a copy of the syllabus of each course, click each course title. Use promo code for a $10 discount: CAREY2019W
For more information, contact the instructor at [email protected]

Teach Like a Pirate Book Study (1 - 2 units) $210-$335
Watercolor Sketching for Students (3 units) $405
Sketchnotes for Comprehension (2 units) $335
Teach Like Finland Book Study (1-2 units) $210-$335
Teacher Burnout: Prevention & Recovery (3 units) $460
Mentoring New Teachers (3 units) $405
Biblical Worldview Integration (3 units) $385
Formative! for Innovative Educators (2 units) $280
Helping Children Succeed    (1 - 2 units) $210-$335