Professional Development Courses
through Fresno Pacific University

TeachWisely Goals:

- Re-ignite your passion for teaching.
- Ignite your students' love of learning.
- Learn awesome ideas and tools.
- Keep your students engaged and motivated.
- Apply current research-based methods.
- Earn units and move up on your pay scale.
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Teach Like a Pirate Book Application (1 or 2 units)  $210 - $335

Students who have taken this course report that it has re-ignited their passion for teaching. You will read Dave Burgess' best-selling book and make practical applications to your teaching. You can take it for either one unit or two, depending on what you need.
Sketchnotes for Comprehension (2 units)  $335

Using visual note-taking is not just a hot craze in education. Research tells us that attaching visual images to verbal information is a powerful way to help students retain what they are learning in class. Students love it, and it simply works.
Formative! for Innovative Educators (2 units)  $280

Formative! is by far my favorite online tool for teachers who teach in 1:1 classrooms. You can go almost entirely paper-free with this application and can track student understanding in real-time, provide real-time feedback, and align everything up with the standards.
Watercolor Sketching for Students (3 units)  $405

School districts are now seeing the importance of bringing the arts back into the classroom, as they see the need to nurture creativite thinking and fine motor skills to prepare students for life after school. This is one of the most popular courses we offer.
Mentoring New Teachers (3 units)  $405

Let's make sure our new teachers are fully supported and have a great start at your school. This course provides practical training to help you become the mentor they need.
Teacher Burnout: Prevention & Recovery (3 units)  $460

I understand teacher burnout. I've been there myself. This course includes several interviews with a clinical psychologist who has worked with many teachers dealing with burnout, and provides realistic help to avoid it yourself and help others.
Teach Like Finland: Book Application (1 or 2 units)  $210 or $335

Find out why schools in Finland rank the highest academically in the world. This book application will inspire you to possibly think differently about education and provide practical ideas to implement new ideas into your classroom.
Biblical Worldview Integration (3 units)  $385

This is the most popular course I offer because it hits at the heart of what we are teaching. This course provides certification for those pursuing ACSI certification, as it fulfills the requirements for the CPoE (Christian Philosophy of Education).

Instructor Information:
Rob Carey, M.Ed.
[email protected]