Professional Development Courses
through Fresno Pacific University

On Sketchnnotes for Comprehension: "This is an awesome class that will teach you new skills to share with your students. You do not have to be an artist. I know that after taking this course I will use these things in many ways in my life. I will also share them with my future classes. Don't hesitate to sign up! You will love it!"  - teacher in Oregon

On Mentoring New Teachers: "This course is awesome! For any teachers or administrators working with either student teachers or first or second year teachers in need of information and guidance on how to be an effective mentor then this is the course for you. The instructor Rob Carey is fantastic, he provides timely feedback on assignments, he is easy to communicate with. This is one of the best courses I have taken from Fresno Pacific and I am starting the school year much more confident in my ability to an effective mentor to my student teacher. I highly recommend this course." - teacher in California

On Watercolor Sketching for Students: "This class was amazing. The professor provided valuable feedback and provided it in a timely manner. This course, without a doubt, will be beneficial to you and your students. If you are remotely interested in Art or Drawing or Sketching or Watercoloring, even if you are not proficient in it, I highly recommend this course." - teacher in California

On Formative! for Innovative Educators: "Great course! I am using Formative! in my classroom already. The instructor was quick with feedback and grades." - teacher in Pennsylvania

On Teach Like a Pirate: "Since taking this course my inspiration and attitude towards teaching has changed. I feel like a fire has been ignited inside of me and nothing can put it out." - teacher in California

On Biblical Worldview Integration: "Very thought provoking and challenging course that I believe will help me integrate a Biblical Worldview in my classroom and even in my own life!" - teacher in Kentucky

On Biblical Worldview Integration: "Excellent course - highly recommended to those wanting to learn more
about a biblical worldview, how to explain it, and how to integrate it into your teaching in order to help answer the questions your students are asking (or the questions they assume they know the answers to) - great content and well organized.

- teacher in Texas

On Watercolor Sketching for Students: "I want to start by saying, I loved this class and I am very sad that it's over.  I have been teaching for years and as a result, have let my own art go by the wayside.  This class has re-awakened that love and inspired me to create my own art again." - teacher in Ohio